Synergy 17 Uranium Highlights at the KRVA Championships

Synergy wrapped up a hectic weekend with every team in action at the KRVA Championships.  In the 18 Girls division, 18 Kryptonite finished tied for 6th place.  They started the tournament with losses to Pittsburgh Elite 18 Premier 2 (Pittsburgh, PA) and AVA 18-BLACK Rox (Allentown, PA) but bounced back to close the day with two wins against Horseshoe VBC 18-1 (Duncansville, PA) and Ballyhoo 18 Black (York, PA).  On Sunday, they kicked off the day with a win against a familiar foe, Synergy 18 Xenon.  Next, they suffered another loss to AVA 18-BLACK Rox before closing the tournament with a loss to Ballyhoo 18 Teal (York, PA).

18 Xenon finished tied for 6th place as well in the 18 Girls division.  They began the event with losses to Ballyhoo 18 Teal (York, PA) and X-Factor 18U (Reading, PA).  From there, they defeated Delta 18 (Warminster, PA) and Push the Rock 18 White (Emmaus, PA).  The followed that with the loss to Synergy 18 Kryptonite.  They wrapped up the tournament with a loss to Pittsburgh Elite 18 Premier 2 (Pittsburgh, PA).

The 17 Uranium team finished with a loss in the gold bracket semifinals, settling for a 3rd place finish in the 17 Open division.  They started Saturday with wins against Totally Xtreme 17U OPEN (Lebanon, PA) and FUSION VBC 17 Blue (Mechanicsburg, PA).  Next, they dropped a match to Royal Legends 17 Orange (Clifton Heights, PA).  They bounced back to defeat EC Power 17-Zinc (King of Prussia, PA).  On Sunday, they defeated AVA 17-OBSIDIAN Rox (Allentown, PA) to advance to the gold bracket.  They knocked out TCA 17 Philly Flight (Coatesville, PA) in the semifinals before losing to SPARKS VBC 17 OPEN BLUE (Thornton, PA) in the semifinals.

16 Plutonium finished in 13th place in the 16 open division.  They started the tournament with a loss to EC Power 16-Patriot (King of Prussia, PA).  They bounced back to defeat AVA 16-IRON Rox (Allentown, PA) before dropping matches to EC Power 16-Soldier (Lancaster, PA) and EC Power 16-Patriot.  On Sunday, they lost to SPARKS VBC 16 OPEN BLUE (Thornton, PA) and EC Power 16-Colonial (Allentown, PA).

The 16 Hydrogen team finished in 9th place in the 16 Club division, highlighted by a silver bracket championship.  On Saturday, they started with a loss to Pitt United 16 Red (Pittsburgh, PA) but rebounded with a win against Delta 16-Black (Warminster, PA).  They dropped their next match to TEVA 16 Gold (Berwyn, PA) then finished the day with a win against Delta 16-White (Warminster, PA).  On Sunday, they beat Royal Legends 16 Blue (Clifton Heights, PA) then lost to KeystoneVBC16-Girls 16White (Latrobe, PA).  In the silver bracket, they defeated West Shore YMCA 16 (Camp Hill, PA) in the quarterfinals, KeystoneVBC16-Girls Green (Latrobe, PA) in the semifinals, and got revenge against TEVA 16 Gold in the finals.

The 14 Storm team finished in 13th place in the 14 Club after having to forfeit their last two matches.  The team started the tournament with wins against P3R 14 Smithfield (Pittsburgh, PA) and P3R 14 Platinum (Pittsburgh, PA).  Next, they defeated Delta 14 (Warminster, PA) before dropping a match to Nightmare West 14 (Troy, PA).  On Sunday, they won the first game against High Line C14 Black (Hatboro, PA) and were up in the second game when two injuries left them with only five healthy girls.  They had to forfeit the rest of their matches from there.

13 Typhoon wrapped up a strong performance with a 5th place finish in the 13 Girls division, making it all the way to the gold bracket.  They kicked off the event with wins against Trojan VBC 13u Orange (York, PA) and Quickset Intensity (Frackville, PA).  Next, they dropped matches to GPS CRUSH 13 ORANGE (Jamison, PA) and SPARKS 13 BLUE (Thornton, PA).  On Sunday, they bounced back to defeat SPARKS 13 RED (Thornton, PA) before losing to AVA 13-STEEL Rox (Allentown, PA).

Congratulations to all of our teams on a successful weekend.  This weekend, our 18 Kryptonite, 18 Xenon, 17 Uranium, 16 Plutonium and 16 Hydrogen teams travel to Ocean City, MD for the JVA Beachfest.  This will be the last tournament of the season for the 18 Kryptonite, 18 Xenon, 17 Uranium and 16 Hydrogen teams.

Weekend Wrap Up

17 Uranium and 14 Storm Highlight Weekend for Synergy

Synergy had a successful weekend with five teams competing in tournaments.  The 17 Uranium squad finished in 2nd place at the JVA Spring Fling at the Spooky Nook, competing in the 18s division.  They defeated J-Stroke 17 Juice (Reading, PA) and Lake Effect Smash U18 (Watertown, NY) in their first round of pool play.  In the afternoon, they beat Liberty Belle 18 Red (Aldan, PA) and Apple Valley VBC 18 Pink to finish the day with a 4-0 record.  On Sunday, they dropped their first match to J-Stroke 17 Juice in a rematch of Saturday’s match.  They followed that up with wins against PVBDE 18 Pink (Newark, DE) and Yorktowne 18 Open Blue (York, PA) before losing in the finals to J-Stroke 18 Jets (Reading, PA).  Congratulations to 17 Uranium for your strong performance!

16 Plutonium also attended the JVA Spring Fling, competing in the 16s division.  They opened the tournament with a win against Shillington Fusion VBC (Reading, PA) then dropped a match to Yorktowne 16 Open Blue (York, PA).  In the afternoon, they lost to Paradigm Rumble (Rochester, NY) and Club Integrity 16-1 (Collegeville, PA).  On Sunday, they were defeated by Liberty Belle 16 Red (Aldan, PA) and Fearless (Deut. 31:6) (Carroll County, MD).


Our 16 Hydrogen team competed in the X-Treme 16 Club tournament in Fleetwood, PA.  They defeated PPVBC 16 Black (Philadelphia, PA), split with Delta 16 Black (Warminster, PA) and Edge Elite 16U Black (Greencastle, PA), and lost to Infinity 16 Black (Horsham, PA).

14 Storm and 14 Thunder attended the Quickset Classic 14 Club tournament in Bethlehem, PA.  14 Storm opened the day with a win against Delta 14 (Warminster, PA).  They followed that with a loss to J-Stroke 14 Jive.  Next, they defeated Quickset Intensity 13 (Frackville, PA) then split with Surge 14 White (Fleetwood, PA).  They beat Quickset Storm 14 (Frackville, PA) in the quarterfinals before losing to BVA 14 Blue (Topton, PA) in the semifinals.

14 Thunder opened the day with a loss to BVA 14 Blue.  They followed that with a loss to Sparks 14 White (Thornton, PA).  Next, they split with Push the Rock 14 White (Emmaus, PA) before dropping their final match to Quickset Storm 14.

Congratulations to all of our teams for their hard work and effort over the weekend.  Next weekend, we have three teams in action at the MAPL York tournament and two teams in the April Showers 14 Mixed tournament.

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