Required Memberships for Synergy Volleyball Club

To join the ranks of the Synergy volleyball club, aspiring players and coaches must hold active memberships with both the Keystone Region Volleyball Association (KRVA) and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). These organizations serve as vital pillars in the volleyball community, organizing prestigious National Tournaments and Championships that showcase top-tier talent. Beyond the competitive opportunities they offer, KRVA and AAU play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of players by providing comprehensive insurance coverage through their sanctioned events. 

KRVA Membership

In order to participate in a Keystone Region event, all individuals MUST be registered with the Keystone Region. 

VERY IMPORTANT #1: The link below is specifically for Synergy Volleyball Club. Purchasing this membership affiliates and TIES you to a club program for the year. Parents/Athletes should ONLY purchase this membership after accepting a written Offer from this club.

VERY IMPORTANT #2: You need to use the same email/SportsEngine account that you used to purchase your tryout membership to purchase your full athlete membership. If you use a different email/SportsEngine account, you will not be given credit for the tryout membership and we are not refunding at this time. 

AAU Volleyball Membership

AAU Membership is required to participate in all AAU licensed events.

Youth Program consists of athletic participation for ages as defined by AAU youth sport rules. Youth membership allows participation and insurance coverages in any and all youth sports.

When registering, make sure to enter the Club Code for Synergy: W38C7A. We will be unable to see your completed membership if you do not link your membership to Synergy.

All memberships are non-refundable.